Projects In Development


"The Road" Dramatic, Indie Feature Film

A woman battling inward struggles walks away from her faith. 

She discovers after several years of experiences 

you’re never to far to be  reached by God’s hand. 


"Justine's Journal" Dramady, Web Series

Share a young woman’s journey through life after getting saved, 

see her deal with her own issues and relationships, as she applies biblical  principals to her life and develops her personal relationship with God. Although it's rough at times, she learns God is the source of her strength, joy and peace. 


"No Man Knows" Dramatic, Indie Feature Film

We introduce you to five very different people, living very different  lives and you will see how the decisions we make, not only dictate but  guide our lives both naturally and spiritually.  

Plus, affect the lives of others even though you never see it.